Packaging Unit Realization
and Automation system

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ORRECA is a company who studies and realizes Automatic Packaging Unit. Our Engineering team will draw your units.

We will help you to draft the specifications, respecting the rule and taking into account your constraints of space and your technical imperatives.


We have many partners to realize your mechanical systems.

Those are equipped with a big range of high-tech equipments such as lathe machine, milling machine, press, folding machine, leaf roller, any of them are CNC, and of multiple equipments of soldering as well as benches with laser cutting to obtain perfect quality following our drawings.

More than 40 persons will work on your project by our intermediary, which allows us to have a good capacity to react during crossed orders.

After realization of all the parts by us or our partners, the assembly and the automation are made in our workshop by us. We develop by ourselves the PLC programs as well as the HMI, which allows us to have a good flexibility following your needs and we can optimize and add any additional functioning which you could request during the start-up.

A commissioning will take place where we need to test and adjust parameters phase of test and regulation to obtain a perfect optimization of production, and to verify the reliability of the installation. The transport, the installation and the start-up of your machine is insured by ORRECA team. The regular maintenance, the visit to repair and the follow-up of spare parts is also insured by ORRECA.

Before realization of the final projects, we have a testing room in our workshop, which allows us to define exactly the type of machine to supply and to guarantee its performances. This post consists of:

  • Bagging machine with fluidisation.
    Bagging machine with turbine.
    Bagging machine with gravitating nozzle for any kind a food product.
    A bench of thermal weld.
    A bench of weld in ultra sounds.
    A bench of deaeration.
    A dedusting unit.
    Miscellaneous hopper and extraction systems.

We equip our machines with material of quality

The material is approved for the commercial weighing and we assure the supply and the repair of all the range.

Our weight scales can be clipped and used in commercial title at the European level, for that we have a CE certificate type N ° LNE-21047 Rev.0 of July 21st, 2011 for controller type "MS100 " and " MS300" for automatic bagging machines.

We install also the "MS100" for the standard scaling machines, the internal systems or the static weighing with green labels.