Packaging Unit Realization
and Automation system

ZA en Pierre - 01270 COLIGNY
Tél. +33 961 507 087 - Fax +33 474 253 342
Asia-Pacific Customers : +66 892 365 400
E-mail : orreca@orange.fr

Who are we ?

Located at Coligny at the Ain Department (France), few kilometers in the North of Bourg en Bresse, ORRECA is a company who studies and realizes Packaging Unit.

With an experience since 1993 in that specific filed, we bring technical solutions to our customers to automatically pack their product; as well as for peripheral machines :

Bag placing, Big Bag extractors, Ultrasound Welding and Thermal Welding, Compactor, Conveyors, Scaling on line, Palettes distributor, Drums distributor, Crimper, palletizer, Lining machine, Warping machines, Press for pallets, etc…   

We realize automatic packaging unit system of any sizes and any rates for chemical industries, food industries and civil construction products.

We make the installation as well as the maintenance.

Our customers are only industrial companies, located mainly in France but also aboard; worldwide ...
East of Europe, Middle East, North of Africa, Asia..